Welcome to Alfa Engineering

Alfa Engineering is Established in 1998, we are Leading manufacturer of submersible pumps spare parts and known for Reliability, Innovation and Pioneering technology.

We are manufacturer and exporter of spare parts of Submersible pumps, Openwell pumps, Water Pumps, and Submersible motors.

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and Member of Rajkot Engineering Association.

Product Manufactured with SS 410 Graded Material or SS 304 if Required.

We are manufacturing below Submersible Pump Spare Parts.

V6 Pump Parts

V6 Degree Couple
V6 Motor Couple
V6 Pump Couple
V6 Sand Guard
V6 Sleeve
V6 Sleeve U Keyway
V6 Spline Couple (Neema Standard)
V6 SS Pump Couple
V6 SS TB Plate
V6 Top Washer
V6 Rocker Support

V4 Pump Parts

V4 Degree Couple
V4 Joint Couple
V4 Motor Couple
V4 Pump Couple
V4 Sleeve
V4 Hex Sleeve/Couple
V4 Spline Couple (Neema Standard)
V4 Capsule Couple
V4 Brass Sand Guard
V4 Top Washer
V4 Rocker Support
V4 Dowell Pin

V3 Pump Parts

V3 Sand Guard
V3 Pump Couple
V3 Motor Couple
V3 Joint Couple
V3 Sleeve
V3 Capsule Couple
V3 Top Washer
V3 Rocker Support

Open Well Pump Parts

Openwell Nut
Rotor Sleeve
Neck Ring
And also Manufacturing parts of V5, V7, V8, V10.